Supporting local feed self-sufficiency for aquaculture development in Indonesia – project proposal

Tom shipton provided technical input into the project design, and will be the International Consultant addressing the fish nutrition components of the project. The project is designed to enhance the production of high quality and cost-effective aquafeeds by the small-scale feed manufacturing sector in Indonesia such that inland aquaculture famers can significantly improve their production performance. It is anticipated that the project will result in a reduction on the reliance on imported feed ingredients as the primary inputs into aquafeeds, and an increase in on-farm production efficiencies and economic returns to farmers. The longer-term impacts will be the promotion of alternative employment opportunities in the aquaculture sector, increased incomes for the rural population, and a significant contribution to the food security and welfare objectives of the country.

The project will have a significant impact on improving the economic returns attributed to the culture of striped catfish (Pangasionodon hypophthalmus), and in addition, improve the economic efficacy of the small-scale aquafeed production sector in the country. There will be the possibility to apply the lessons learnt, methodologies and outputs resulting from the project to other cultured species in Indonesia, and possibly to neighbouring countries in the region.

Project Leader : Shipton, Dr Tom A. 

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