Improving seabass (Lates calcarifer) aquaculture in Sri Lanka through better feed and health management.

Tom shipton provided technical backstopping to the project. The project was designed to focus on improving seabass (Lates calcarifrer) aquaculture in Sri Lanka through better feed and health management. Improving feed production, availability and quality was achieved through the deployment of a dedicated small-scale feed production unit. The feed mill  improved the feed supply chain, and in addition, provided a model for the promotion of the  small- to medium-scale feed manufacturing sector in the country. The project also addressed the compelling issue of disease control and health management in the seabass aquaculture sector, and in particular, during the hatchery and nursery production phases. The combination of improved access to quality feeds, improvements to on-farm feed management and health management practices enhanced production outcomes and the economic efficiencies of the farmers. A concomitant improvement in feed and health policy, regulatory and institutional oversight capacity, and the introduction of international best practice in feed manufacturing and feed and health management further promoted the establishment of the feed manufacturing industry and health management capacity in the country.

Project Leader : Shipton, Dr Tom A. 

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