Enhancing aquaculture production for food security and rural development through better seed and feed production and management with special focus on public-private partnership.

Tom Shipton provided technical advisory services to the project. The project was designed to address the technical issues of seed and feed quality, and the economic efficiency of seed and feed production, distribution and utilization, and issues of feed safety. Feed quality issues were addressed through the development of a feed monitoring programme for the Aquaculture Division, Department of Fisheries. The monitoring programme was based on Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) technologies and enabled them to rapidly monitor the quality of feed and feed ingredients being traded throughout the value chain (input suppliers, feed manufacturers and retailers and farmers). Feed and feed ingredient monitoring protocols were developed and trialed in Dhaka and Savar. The results of the trails were used to design a National Feed Monitoring Programme.

Project Leader : Shipton, Dr Tom A. 

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Category : Technical due diligence
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