Environmental Impact Assessments

The company provides services in the fields of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Basic Assessments, Specialist Assessments, Environmental Management Plans (EMP), and Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA).

Our specialists in aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic ecology provide a highly credible skills set for undertaking environmental assessments. In this regard, the company has undertaken Specialist Assessment work in the fields of freshwater and marine ichthyology and fisheries, marine benthic fauna and flora, marine mammals, marine and freshwater aquaculture systems, abstraction / effluent characterisation, disease, genetics and aquatic biodiversity. The company specialises in Environmental Impact Assessments that are focused on the aquatic environment. For example, the company has undertaken EIAs on the eradication of alien invasive species from the Cape floristic region (CAPE Programme / World Bank), and EIA / EMPs were developed for marine diamond mining activities off Namibia (DeBeers).