The company has core expertise in a wide range of fisheries related fields in both the freshwater and marine environments. Our staff have worked throughout the Southern African region and in many instances globally, providing specialist services to all sectors. Core functions include:
  • Economic evaluations covering costs, earnings and feasibility evaluations on industrial, small-scale fisheries and processing establishments
  • the provision of strategic fisheries management advice on policy, strategic planning, legislation and management of fisheries; and solutions on issues such as rights allocations, quota management, permitting and cost recovery policy, shared stocks and international jurisdictional issues, and legalisation
  • The strengthening of individuals, institutions and the overall fisheries sector capacity through human resources and institutional capacity building
  • Monitoring, control and surveillance
  • Assessments of the potential for small-scale fisheries development, implementation of co-management and development of small-scale, recreational and artisanal fisheries for poverty alleviation
  • Through its links with the Department of Ichthyology and Fisheries Science, Rhodes University, senior consultants are actively involved with stock assessment, distribution mapping and fisheries research in marine, brackish and freshwater systems on a global level.