The Lake Malawi Artisanal Fisheries Development Programme (LMAFDP) was an African Development Bank funded initiative to support artisanal fishing communities in the exploitation of under-exploited fisheries resources in Lake Malawi, and to improve forestry resources in the project catchment areas. As a component of the project, a baseline survey was designed to assess issues that impact on forestry and catchment management, and the fisheries in the five project districts of Mangochi, Salima, Nkhotokota, Nkhata Bay and Likoma. The survey covered the areas surrounding the 21 landing sites identified by the project. Due to the broad geographic area and content that needed to be covered by this component, and the multi-sector nature of forestry and catchment management issues, a semi-structured interview approach was adopted. This allowed for considerable flexibility in the field and promoted broad discussion with a wide variety of stakeholders. The results of the survey were used to establish a baseline upon which project goals could be evaluated. 

Project Leader : Andrew, Dr Timothy

Project Members : EFA Staff | Shipton, Dr Tom A.  | Weyl, Dr Olaf

Category : Small-scale fisheries and sustainable livelihoods
Client : African Development Bank
Year : 2006