The Company can provide training and capacity building on a wide range of resources management, administration and control.

Specific capacity building can be provided for:

1. Senior managers to incorporate compliance as a monitoring instrument of Resource management

2. Undertaking Risk assessment for fisheries resources,

3. Developing and implementing National Plans of Action to Combat Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fisheries.

4. Introduction to Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) - entry level to specialist level.

5. Developing and Implementing MCS strategies and plans.

6. Cost recovery and cost saving in MCS.

7. Port Sate Management training for coastal states and flag states

8. MCS solutions for artisanal fisheries with large numbers of unreported and unregulated catches

9. State Action at sea in accordance with the provision of the United Nations Law of the the Sea, including interdiction at sea, boarding and inspection of fishing vessels

10. Anti-poaching planing and interventions

11. Role of organized crime in Marine resources.

12. Development and use of regional and international instruments for sharing of information

13. Technology aspects of of fisheries enforcement and management, such as Vessel Monitoring systems, AIS, satellite based Radar, Cellphone and radio based technology

14. Observer training and observer systems.